Friday, June 7, 2013


I have grown tired of my life recently but instead of complaining I am taking steps to change it. This blog shall act as notebook if you will where I will post entries whenever there is a noticeable change in anything.

The first thing I am working on is myself as a person such as how I come off towards others and my physical well being as well. I have recently started to do some light workouts but realistically I am going to have to do some serious work if I want to actually change the way I am.

I have been told it is important to set goals to work towards to help keep yourself motivated. That in mind my first goal shall be to loose 25 pounds by my birthday Which is exactly 30 days from today (The 7th.). This goal should be easy enough right? Well I plan to jump right into it come the morning when I leave work.
I feel that my second goal should be to quit smoking as it is a bad habit that I should have never started but more on that later.

Well, I suppose here goes nothing.

Game plan for my first goal:
1. Run at least a mile everyday.
2. Push ups and sit ups twice a day, before and after work.
3. Eating healthy, watch calorie intake.
4. Drive less, walk/skate more. (ex: Walk/skate to friends houses)
5. Invest in a bike and ride it to and from work. (Work is roughly 12 miles one way from home)

*May invest in Gym membership at a later date but due to current work hours there is no actual time for it.